Top 3 reasons why you should support local foodservice distributors

Foodservice distributors play a critical role in providing food to the community. 8 billion meals are served in the foodservice sector by almost 100,000 commercial and institutional venues including restaurants, cafes, hotels, pubs, schools, hospitals and more each year. Many businesses that distribute food to these venues are family or privately owned, showing the important role that independent foodservice distributors play in providing food to us all. Here are top 3 reasons why you should support local foodservice distributors.

Strengthen local community

Supporting local foodservice distributors means that you are directly putting money back into your community and help support families and hardworking individuals rather than large corporations.

Choosing to support independent foodservice distributors will help keep their business open and continue to provide vital services. In doing so, more local jobs are created and the local economy is strengthened.

In addition to the money flowing within the local ecosystem, it can be re-invested into new ventures and ideas. Independent foodservice distributors also tend to give back and support community initiatives due to the strong relationships and partnerships they form with residents, other business owners, community leaders and schools.

Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability is also a great reason why you should support local foodservice distributors. Making local purchases will be less carbon intensive on the environment as it requires less transportation, less outsourcing, and less fuel to get products from one place to another. These factors will also result in minimising traffic, air pollution and reduce the overall impact that business operations will have on the environment. As such, choosing to support local businesses is a way to protect the environmental health of your community, therefore being a more sustainable choice for you and your business.

Personalised customer service

With independent, family-owned businesses it is common for customers to receive a more personalised service. Local businesses tend to be more hands-on and customers often experience a stronger sense of care. Business owners and customer service teams conduct business in a way that feels authentic, reliable, and familial rather than feeling strictly transactional. Local foodservice distributors naturally have more direct access to their customers and a deeper understanding of their wants and needs. Due to this more intimate relationship, they will have more knowledge of customers and are better equipped to cater and adapt their offering to for each business and their unique situation.

Key takeout

Supporting local foodservice distributors is important because you are creating a win-win situation for those people within your community. You are doing your part in strengthening the local economy, choosing the most environmentally sustainable option, and you are getting a more personalised buying experience.

NAFDA Foodservice operate on behalf of 68 independently owned food distributors across Australia who have strong ties in their local communities. They pride themselves on being dedicated to their customers’ success by providing quality products, competitive pricing, and exceptional service. Please feel free to contact us for more information

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