Peak bodies urge ACCC to maintain focus on Woolworths track record of anti-competitive behaviour following their ‘undertakings’ with PFD

Woolworths and PFD continue to give undertakings to the ACCC that cannot be policed and we believe is yet another smokescreen to get this deal across the line. A deal that will impact hundreds of small businesses.

  • Fate of hundreds of small businesses in ACCC hands
  • Woolworths’ latest 3-year separation undertakings to ACCC around proposed PFD acquisition do nothing to address the major concerns raised by small food businesses
  • ACCC Chair, Rod Sims himself has said behavioural undertaking are hard to police!
  • Concerns are mounting within small business that the ACCC is being hoodwinked by meaningless undertakings that will be quickly rolled back by Woolworths
  • Given its track record in other industries, there is no doubt Woolworths’ will use a similar blueprint to eliminate competition in Australia’s $11 billion food distribution industry if the proposed acquisition is allowed to proceed
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