Double your points on MasterFoods Professional seasonings & sauces!

Ready to kick your kitchen game up a notch? Double your points with our sizzling MasterFoods Professional seasonings & sauces! 

🔥 Gluten-Free BBQ American BBQ (4.5kg):
Hickory smoke vibes for your dishes. BBQ just got an upgrade – double points, double flavor!

🌶️ Peri-Peri Heatwave (3L):
Spice it right! Our Peri-Peri Sauce is packing heat and points. Level up your culinary escapades.

🌿 Everything Eggs (550g):
Abracadabra! Transform your recipes with our magical blend of chives, parsley, and paprika. Points for every pinch!

🥚 Creamy Dreamy Whole Egg (2.2kg):
Creaminess unleashed! Dive into the rich tangy world of Whole Egg Sauce – double points for double delight.

Place an order with your NAFDA Foodservice Distributor between 01-30 April 2024 and double points will be added to your account at the end of the promotional period. The promotion applies to the following MasterFoods Professional products: 

• MasterFoods American BBQ Style Sauce 4.5kg (458475)
• MasterFoods Everything Eggs Seasoning 550g (458418)
• MasterFoods Peri Peri Sauce 3L (459873)
• MasterFoods Whole Egg Mayonnaise 2.2kg (156923)

Ready to spice, sizzle, and score? SHOP NOW and let the culinary adventure begin! 🎉

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