Get double the points on the BUDS range, all March

Welcome to the world of Love BUDS, where meaty flavours meet plant-based goodness. 🌱🍔

If you’re a meat lover, curious foodie or Chef looking to innovate, you’ve come to the right place!

To help you ‘beef’ up your menu with Australia’s homegrown and tasty plant-based meats, we’re giving you DOUBLE Best of the Best points on the BUDS range, all March

So… what are you waiting for? Let’s get grilled! 🔥

Place an order with your NAFDA Foodservice Distributor between 01-31 March 2024 and double points will be added to your account at the end of the promotional period. The promotion applies to the following Love BUDS products: 

• Love BUDS Schnitzel Burgers, Chicken, Plant-Based 113g (MFSC1001)
• Love BUDS Uncoated Burgers, Chicken, Plant-Based 113g (MFSC1002)
• Love BUDS Mince, Chicken, Plant-Based, 500g (MFSC2001)
• Love BUDS Nuggets, Chicken, Plant-Based, 20g (MFSC3001)
• Love BUDS Crumbed Tenders, Chicken, Plant-Based, 35g (MFSC3002)
• Love BUDS Schnitzel, Chicken, Plant-Based, 220g (MFSC4001)
• Love BUDS Southern Burgers, Chicken, Plant-Based, 113g (MFSC4002)
• Love BUDS Pieces, Chicken, Plant-Based, 800g (MFSC7001)
• Love BUDS Burgers, Beef, Plant-Based, 125g (MFSB1001)
• Love BUDS Sliders, Beef, Plant-Based, 40g (MFSB1002)
• Love BUDS Mince, Beef, Plant-Based, 500g (MFSB2001)
• Love BUDS Meatballs, Beef, Plant-Based, 20g (MFSB5001)
• Love BUDS Pieces, Beef, Plant-Based, 800g (MFSB7002)
• Love BUDS Pulled, Beef, Plant-Based, 800g (MFSB7001)
• Love BUDS Sausages, Beef Italian, Plant-Based, 75g (100111)
• Love BUDS Bits, Chorizo, Plant-Based, 500g (MFSP5001)
• Love BUDS Bits, Bacon, Plant-Based, 500g (MFSP5002)
• Love BUDS Arancini, Beef & Cheese, Plant-Based, 30g (100117)

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