Debra Lee Trading – war and peace

Advertisements on Facebook opened up new business for pickups and home deliveries with ‘no limits’ on groceries and home essentials, which supermarkets could not meet.

Staff has been trained and educated on the current range to assist with the massive undertaking of customers and orders.

A dedicated area has been set up for commonly asked products as well as impulse buying for walk-in customers.

Pallet of sanitisers and cleaning essentials were offered first to local businesses such as outlets, schools, vets, healthcare, hair-dressers, chiropractors, etc and were sold out within three days.

The HMAS Adelaide were on the docks for the Easter long weekend and tired of ‘ship food’ with no locals catering for the large numbers, so Debra Lee teamed up with their local takeaway customers to cook and deliver food for them.

Debra Lee hopes to retain the new business well after COVID-19.

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