Aussie companies stuck in Omicron ‘yo-yo’ hell

Ben Gullo, Director of Reliable Food Distributors, calls out for urgent government support as NSW extends restrictions while battling the latest Omnicron wave. Ben spoke on The Today Show about how staff shortages, a crippled supply chain, perishable stock challenges and a significant downturn in trade has led to a huge crisis facing small businesses. Ben states “We are really struggling at the moment. I’ve actually been on the tools myself. I’m trying to run a business and then one day I’m on a forklift. It’s a yo-yo at the moment.”

Dealing with perishable stock is also a major problem Ben has been facing. Ben expresses that he has “lost count of the thousands of dollars of perishable stock” he has had to either throw away or donate to charity as stock extends their use by dates.

In addition, the major downturn in trade makes it hard to know what to order. Ben states “We don’t even know what to order from week-to-week, and that’s if we can get the supply. The supply chain is just stretched to the max at the moment, so it’s just really, really hard being in business right now.”

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Aussie companies stuck in Omicron ‘yo-yo’ hell

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