Metropolitan Foods – warehouse into retail

Hundreds per day are flocking to the new discovered local grocery store of NAFDA Foodservice Member, Metropolitan Foods in Templestowe.

When the going gets tuff, the tuff get going,  the team at Metropolitan Foods in Melbourne have been trading 7 days a week for a month. Marisa and her sister Antonietta have adjusted the retail shop and are continually refilling the shelfs and working 16 hours a day.

They offer the local area a vast array of continental delights from all over the world and as much Australian made products as possible.

When asked how are you coping with the current situation, Marisa replied, ‘I have five trucks sitting here and one going out for deliveries, so the shop has to keep Metropolitan Foods going at present and hard work never killed anyone’.

Those that know Marisa would not be surprised the hard working get it done attitude is in her blood and a true testament to a NAFDA Foodservice Member that is thinking outside the nine dots in this current climate.  

Well done Marisa and your team in giving your local area a unique option of standard staples along with a taste of Italy and the world.

Coming out the other side of this no doubt Metropolitan have created a huge customer base in the retail store with many first time visitors which are sure to continue to visit regularly.

Also some goodwill developed on NAFDA Foodservice Exclusively Yours brands, when a customer comes in and asks for the Select Mills flour or Dairylink Mozzarella Cheese, that puts a proud smile on Marisa’s face as a NAFDA Foodservice raving fan.    

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