New West Foods and Elite Food Co become one

NAFDA Foodservice Member New West Foods announces their impending amalgamation with Elite Food Co., combining the strengths of the two independently owned businesses.

New West Foods will serve the market from a new larger premises in Malaga, WA, within the first quarter of next year. The new site will boast increased space, allowing for larger freezer, chiller, and dry storage for their new expanded product range in fresh, frozen, chilled, and dry goods.

With over 60 years of combined foodservice knowledge, the acquisition will bring exciting possibilities for innovation, diversification, growth, and efficiency in 2021 and beyond. This includes an increased product range and improved competitiveness within a changing market, which will ultimately benefit the customer.

We wish the teams from New West Foods and Elite Food Co. all the best for the transition and have no doubt that it will be a great success.

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