On Monday 20 December 2021, The Independent Food Distributors of Australia (IFDA) CEO Richard Forbes was invited to an industry forum organised by Emergency Management Australia to discuss the AdBlue supply issue.

Richard highlighted the issue of regulating the fair and equitable distribution of AdBlue so that smaller businesses were not left short because of bulk purchases by larger organisations. He also emphasised the importance of our industry in providing food to both commercial and institutional outlets across Australia. AdBlue distributors are also working with the ACCC to ensure the supply of AdBlue is managed correctly. He has asked for a list and contacts of AdBlue suppliers.

The government is also talking to a number of countries to secure more product. Indonesia has agreed to 5,000 tonnes by the end of January and Incitec Pivot is ramping up production.

Read the following media release for more information:

The Hon Angus Taylor MP Media Release: Increasing AdBlue supplies and protecting Australia’s transport industry